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    ZombieV Discord Click the link to be redirected to our Discord Server.
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    Game Mechanics - Possible Improvements

    This sounds like an amazing idea but unfortunately as of right now, it'd cost way too much to host another server with enough ram to hold the data of such a server. In the future, this has a very likely possibility of becoming a thing.
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    Declined R4zerB1ade's Moderator Application

    You hacked... no xD
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    GraceTheFoxx's Moderator Application

    I enjoy this application. I'm thinking about this.
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    Game Mechanics - Possible Improvements

    Love the ideas!!! Here's what I've done! Short-Term Adjustments 1) ADDED! (made rewards slightly easier for new players). 2) The mechanics on 1.8 has this. Higher versions, this is near impossible without causing extreme server-side lag due to the names having to be blanked client-sided and...
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    Game Mechanics - Possible Improvements

    These are amazing, I will take into consideration 90% of this. Thank you for your suggestions as these will vastly improve the server.
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    Declined KingZain's Moderator Application

    Good application; unfortunately, due to the lack of detail, I've decided to deny this application. Don't let this stop you from making another application in the future.
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    ZombieV Guide

    ZombieV Commands and their meanings: ZombieV has a variety of commands which will help you through your time online ZombieV. This guide will show you what commands there are out there, and how you can use them if you're ever unsure! /join & /leave If you're in the lobby, and you'd like to be...
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    This is a list of general guidelines, requirements, and tips to becoming staff on ZombieV. Do not re-apply if you were denied within a month. The Application Process This is the process you will go through to becoming a Trial moderator and then a full moderator on ZombieV. Step 1: The...
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    Changelogs v0.1

    This new amazing website!
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    All rules listed here apply to all members on ZombieV. Everyone is to read these rules to maintain the healthiest server environment. ZombieV staff reserve the right to change or modify any rule as they see fit. Respect All Users Everyone playing is a human, please treat each other...
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    Welcome to our new Website.

    Hello everyone, We're glad to finally announce the opening of our new forums! The team at ZombieV have been working very hard to bring you a new forums page. About ZombieV ZombieV is a small server that is mainly based on PVE. Select a specific arena difficulty and you are ready to fight mobs...